Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Got An Itch

I am SOOOOOOOOO in the mood to start my gardening! Ever since I saw this printable spring garden planner I have got gardening on the brain. I have pulled out ALL my gardening books and am trying to get everything ready. I know, I know, I really just need to JUMP IN AND DO IT! But I have too much of a planner in me. Who knows! Maybe the time comes and I do just jump in, even though I think I need more research. :)

Look at how CUTE (and FREE and easy to make) these biodegradable see starter pots are!!! Seeing this gives me one of those smack-yourself-upside-the-head-now-why-didn't-I-think-of-that feeling. :) I have to wonder if maybe we were to make some time of paper that had good food in it to help the plant. We could roll it into a paper towel roll. :) That way as it degraded, it would be feeding the plant as it grew.

I also have to wonder about how many chemicals are in the rolls, especially if you are wanting to grow an organic garden. Now why can't there be a housewives myth busters type show where stuff like THAT is tested? Stuff **I** want to know?!?! I mean, I like stuff being blowing up as much as the next homeschooling mom, but I want stuff that I can use too, ya know?!?! :D

So, if I were in charge of a housewives myth busters show, I would test things like:
*do chemicals leech out from a toilet paper roll into the soil (what about the final food product) during it's degration?
*can the average homemaker build her own solar panel for under $200 (and how much "electricity" does it REALLY provide)? and then share the direction with everyone for FREE
*does hanging your clothes in the sun really save energy? and just how much bacteria does it prevent/kill??

What kind of things would you want to know?

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Heather said...

Oh I am so glad I am not the only one asking those sorts of questions--right now my big one is about the fluorescent bulbs--those little things die just as quickly as the regular ones in my house- and cost five times as much. I want to know if other people are having the same problem and if there is something about our particular type of usage which makes them not worthwhile.