Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Craft Day

And why not?!?! When the girls suggested doing crafts in Mommy's room all day (and I am talking about heavy duty crafts like sewing aprons and making baby DOLLS, not just pony beads on wire type thing), how could I resist!

I just wish my camera was not broken so I could share so many BEAUTIFUL pictures with you!

AA decided that she was going to make me an apron. WOW. She looked at pictures of aprons, picked one that she thought I would like and then set out to make it happen. She measured me over and over again with the measuring tape her grandmother gave her (along with a whole sewing kit which was promptly brought out by all THREE girls as soon as Mommy said yes to a craft day). I must admit that she did a REALLY GOOD JOB (for a nine year old). The thought process and math that went into her making the apron...I am really proud of her!

Of course MM was the next to bring over her measuring tape and begin measuring me. She was the best! Because she is so ticklish, and giggles at EVERY THING, I kept kissing her or trying to eat her while she was measuring me. Then she made a cape for herself. I was SO IMPRESSED! She had a rectangle piece of fabric and sewed one corner of the short side to the other corder of the short side. Hey, it works. And I am impressed! :) Then she took some blue fabric and cut it up to start making something, but then dinner was ready... :)

EE of course was not to be out done. She measured me and measured me. But lost her temper when her sewing came undone. I am not sure how it came undone, but it was frustrating enough for her to stop it all together. :( But I was able to teach her how to cast on for her knitting. SO she spent the rest of the time casting on, pulling it off, and casting on again. :)

JJ was not to be out done either. He grabbed one of his sister's measuring tapes and came up to me, with it stretched tight between his two hands in open arms "sheasure you!" (translate "measure you") he said over and over again as he placed the tape against my body. It really was TOO CUTE! And he just learned that phrase today from hearing his sisters say it SO MUCH (if that gives you any idea of how many times I thought about losing weight today as here came the tape again). :D He also loved grabbing the yarn as I was corcheting and wrapping it around his finger (like the yarn was wrapped around Mommy's fingers). And of course when EE came over for me to teach her to cast on, JJ came over wanting yarn too

I spent my time making and finishing a cradle purse (ravelry link) for EE (a belated bday present). She loved it and made a baby doll for it. I am really proud of her for that!

All in all it was a GREAT day!

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