Friday, February 20, 2009

Family Fun: Horse Show, A Card Game

At a recent trip to Goodwill, I found the game Horse Show. It is a card game.

What I really liked about this game was the fact that you not only had to use math, but critical thinking skills. You could only pick so many horses and had to have the right score in order to win the blue ribbon.

AA says (9yrs):
It was really fun. I really liked the math. And I especially liked the horse named Valentine and one named Princess. I had lots of fun.

EE says (7yrs):
I liked playing with my family, but it was a bit difficult for me.

I think the main reason it was difficult for EE was because we didn't quite grasp that you wanted to pick high numbers in certain areas for the judging. You had to not just pick numbers and add, but think ahead to what other areas of judging might come up and make sure that you have a horse for each area of race. She was picking pretty named horses. AA and I were picking horses with higher point values in certain areas.

All in all, I think next time we play and include the younger ones, we will use the rules for younger players. But AA and I enjoyed the game and will play it again. And even though we liked the game, I would NOT pay full retail for this. I got the game for 50 cents and it was in excellent condition. :) It was not that great that I would pay full price. So all in all, if you see the game at the thrift store, it is worth picking up. :) We will prolly play it a few more times, but it is definitely not one that we will goto again and again. I will prolly try to barter it in a few months.

HEY Wouldn't THAT be cool?!?!? A game swap! Everyone gets together and brings games that they no longer play (but is still in good shape and playable - i.e. has all the pieces and rules) and then take as many games as they bring! I am gonna see if my homeschool group would be willing to do this sometime in a few months! LOL!!!

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