Wednesday, February 18, 2009

VIP - Verse In Real Applicable Life

Like father like daughter, right? Daddy gets interested in photography and of course, AA has to follow. God blessed us with a virtually brand new digital camera for her birthday last year. And this year, she has finally bloomed in her taking pictures. She loves taking pictures and showing them to me. In fact, she set up her OWN photo shoot of her younger sister MM. Dressed her up as a fairy and tried to take some artistic pictures. She plans on printing them out, framing them, adding some embellishments to the mat/frame and giving it to MM for her 6th birthday. WOW!!

I truly believe God gave me a GREAT idea on HOW to make Bible verses real to her, and at the same time, allow her to tap into that creative side of hers.

Every two weeks, especially now that it is getting warmer and we can go out and take pictures, I will post a Bible verse. She will need to take a picture that shows that verse in real life.

My example is
Matthew 7:14
Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

She could take a picture of a hidden path. OR a gate. The main thing is for her to be THINKING about the verse and looking for application.

This will start in a few weeks if you want to join us. I am going to set up a VIRAL Flickr Group so we can all post our pictures there. :) I will try to create a button for others to add to their blogs. :) Are you ready for you and your children to go VIRAL? :D

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