Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winner, Training Hearts, and Prayers Needed

Sorry, both Monday's and Tuesday's posts were scheduled.

I have not been doing well Monday and today.

Winner of the contest: Devildog Wife!!! :) That is what I like about DRAWING names instead of number generator. The first comment has a chance to win! (what number generator ever picks number one??) :D Email me privately with an address! (If I have not heard from you, I will email you when **I** am feeling better.)

I have not had a chance to create the next in the Training Hearts series. If anyone interested in those? If not, then I will not worry about posting it. I do these for myself and my children and only post them because I feel they might be helpful to others.

Also, my beloved is in DC for the week (comes back on the 20th -Inauguration Day. PLEASE pray for his safety while up in DC as well as his safe return home. I worry about him being in DC as well as flying during such a time in our nation's history. The security threat is Orange, which is not comforting.

And prayers for me to get better FAST would be good. It is NOT fun being a "single mother" trying to take care of four kids. My oldest, AA (she is about to turn 9 in a few weeks) has been a great helper (getting breakfast for everyone this morning, serving lunch and making sure everyone got down for naps), but **I** am the mommy and I cannot afford a sick day. Not right now.

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StLouBlue said...

I am sorry that this is really kind of random, but I first heard about Paperback Swap on your site back in August. I bookmarked your blog and promised myself if I ever get around to joining I would give you credit. I started to sign up and I realized I didn't have your PBS nickname to give you the credit. If you could let me know, I will make sure to give you the credit. Thanks & also thanks for introducing me to the site.