Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Healing Hernia Naturally Without Surgery

I LOVE how my beloved and I complement each other. And that is also true of google searches. LOL!! Because we both think differently, we use different words for our searches. And while his search only came up with one, very dismal hope for avoiding surgery with an inguinal hernia, my search came up with several. :)

However, because of complications with my beloved's hernia (it is a repeat hernia from when he was born (if that tells you anything about how STRESSED my beloved is about everything :) ).

I know this is way off from what this blog is about, but I also use this blog to FIND stuff that I know I researched. (That is the GREAT thing about Blogger blogs, that search bar in the upper left hand corner wil search ONLY the blog you are currently reading, so if you were to search right now, you would search only my blog!) :) LOL! So this is here to help me remember and maybe, just maybe, it can help someone else out there (husband or wife who is searching for her husband).
REALLY GOOD STUFF from PEOPLE who have healed their own hernias
If you can only read one page, this one is GOOD!!
Also talks about reflexology (the site above does too)
Some guy's journey/diary through healing his own hernia
Natural Healing Info on inguinal hernia
Says NOT to put heat on area. Hmmm... Maybe we try a cold comfrey poultice??
(Comfrey is known as the "knitting" herb. It is used to repair skin cuts as well as heal broken bones.)
Scroll down – says healable and to avoid surgery unless in pain
I will need to research this herb mentioned – sounds like it could be helpful

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