Monday, January 5, 2009

New Beginnings on Monday's

Every Monday, God willing, I will be doing something new for the week.

The first thing will be the Training Hearts Teaching Minds book. I am SO HAPPY I got this as a Christmas present from my beloved. I have been wanting to do this for a few months now, ever since I heard about it.

What I am doing is creating flash type cards to go along with the study. On the front, it has the question from the catechism as well as the Bible verses for the week (from the book). On the back, the children will WRITE the answer out (hence why the cards are kinda BIG). :) If we do one a week, it will take two weeks to go through the whole book. I plan on being as faithful as I can (might skip for family vacation). This is the biggest time commitment I have ever made to studying something. :)

The weekly studies are REALLY short and should not take more than about 15 minutes each day to go through. I am SUPER excited about this!!! There is a short reading for each day to go along with the Bible verse that helps explain it and has WONDERFUL word pictures! I highly suggest getting the book.

In case you wanted to follow along, here is a copy of the cards. There are FOUR per page (I have three girls that will be going through it and one for myself). Since the book is well known amoung large families I expect they will be printing out at least one maybe two copies. :) Click and then save as to print. :)

So the second thing I will be doing is from a book I recently got for free through my FAVORITE place to get books now, Paperback Swap!! :) Please do consider signing up through my link. I get a free book credit when you sign up and list your books to start swapping. I need more book credits!!! :D

ANYWAYS, I got the book Queen of the Castle. I believe I first heard about this book from Crystal. Anyways, it has 52 weeks (just one year) of "encouragement for the uninspired, domestically challenged or just plain tired homemaker." Boy that fits me to a T in all three areas! LOL!!!

I am not sure what I will be posting about these as I do them, but I do plan to chart SOME sort of progress in becoming a better keeper at home. :)


Clemencia said...

I love PaperBackSwap, I have gotten most of my daughter's books through them :)

Clemencia said...

Paula, thank you soooo much for your comment, it makes me feel so good that somebody likes it, I was thinking on not blogging anymore since I never saw any movement in it, but I am glad you comment on it, I'll defenetly keep on blogging and linking to you,
thanks a million