Wednesday, January 7, 2009

GIVEAWAY - Alexandra Stoddard - Creating A Beautiful Home

When Meredith talks, every one listens. And when she said that Alexandra Stoddard was an author to hold on to, I have been grabbing everything I can by her. LOL!! So much so that I grabbed TWO of the same book. ANd that means GIVEAWAY!!! :)

Creating A Beautiful Home IS listed on PaperBack Swap (please consider using this link to sign up as I do get a book credit when you join using my email as the referring email and I am in need of some credits, thank you!). I provided the link to the paperback because that is what has the reviews, but I am giving away the hardback.

How to enter? Just leave a comment telling me how you would use the book! If you join up with PaperBack Swap, listing your first ten books and I get a credit for a book, come back here and comment telling me you have joined the wonderful world of getting FREE BOOKS from PaperBack Swap and that will earn you 3 additional entries!

I will accept entries until I pick the winner. :) I will choose a winner Monday, Jan 12 sometime in the morning. Winner will be chosen in a random drawing by one of my daughters. GOOD LUCK!!!


devildogwife said...

I know how I would be using this... We'll be putting our house up for sale in the next few months (waiting for military orders) in a very slow market. Anything that will help me stage the house would be wonderful. Then, I would use it at our new home. ;)

Hadias said...

I have been trying to get this book when I was a member of BookMooch. They never had one available. Lots of people were in que ahead of me in the list.

Also, I tried to follow your Meredith link but it did not work. It may be my computer. i would love to win this book.

I love to decorate my home, however it does not come naturally and I rely on visual aides.

Fingers crossed.

Prudent Homemaker said...

Alexandra Stoddard has been one of my favorite authors for a long time. I remember sitting in the stands with the rest of the band during basketball games, ignoring the game and reading my friend's mom's Alexandra Stoddard books!

I don't own this book of hers, though! I love reading her inspiring words; they always make me want to get up and do something great to my house!

How would I use the book? I'll have to read it first to see what it inspires me to do!

Meredith@MerchantShips said...

You know, that book remains one of my all time favorites! I recently bought it in hardback, too (from the thrift store).

Even if the cottage style is not your look, Stoddard's everyday grace notes give you so many ideas for enjoying your home.

Anonymous said...

I would use the book to make my house a more relaxing and cozy place to be.

Almost empty nester said...

The book looks wonderful so i would love to be entered. AND I already am a member of Paperback Swap...I love it - between Paperback Swap and the Library I havent purchased a book in years.

Anonymous said...

I'm already a member. I don't have this book. It looks like it could help me decorate my home.