Monday, January 19, 2009

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Crocheted Sweet Hearts
THESE ARE ADORABLE!!! Imagine making these and then embroidering them with personalized messages "Mommy love you!" "Mommy and Daddy 4 ever!" You could also make several of these and put the letters of the alphabet on them for fun school time with spelling! YOu could even do their name (one letter on each heart) and make garland! Or just make GARLAND! I have been looking for one of these hearts for a long time (at least a FREE pattern). SO THANK YOU!!!

Free Ebook Thriving On Less: Simplifying In A Tough Economy
HT: Junie Moon

Melamine in fish?
Be sure to read the related articles!

Food Industry Challenges That Obama Needs To Address
GREAT video and commentary (text below the video) about how the food in our country contributes to debt and health issues.

Restaurants as well as list of ingredients to look for in order to avoid MSG
I hope that EVERYONE who reads this blog knows about the DANGERS of MSG and how it is hidden in so many foods! We always ask now to see an ingredients list before eating at a restaurant. And a note, while MSG is in the breaded chicken at Chick-Fil-A, the GRILLED chicken at the time of this post does NOT have MSG in it. You can request grilled chicken nuggets in the kids meals. LOVE Chick-Fil-A!!

Interview with an Ex-Vaccine maker
This is EYE OPENING! Just supports why we have chosen not to vaccinate. You MUST be informed and make an INFORMED decision about whether or not to vaccinate your children.

Agave Nectar, Not As Good As We Thought
I was introduced to agave nectar through the raw food movement as an alternative sweetener that did not raise blood sugar levels like honey did. We bought the "raw" form and used it and we loved it. Then a few weeks ago, I read on the herbal forum I am on about how it is no better than corn syrup. It shook me up, but I continued to use agave nectar. This article linked to here is the second article I have read about how it is not as natural of a food as we thought. In fact, I often used agave nectar to replace corn syrup in recipes. After reading the article, I can now see why I was able to. Very interesting (and short) read.

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