Monday, January 12, 2009

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Cat and her Fish crochet pattern
this is TOO CUTE!

Little Baker's SetRavelry link
OH MY GOODNESS!!! She has a bunch of the cutest free patterns!!!

This blog is AWESOME! LOST of great ideas, links and pictures for homeshoolers. WONDERFUL blog that you have to make time for!

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers
This is a GREAT blog I have been really enjoying!!!

The Tribulation and the Church
This booklet was given to me by a close friend. It has opened my eyes and changed the way I think about the tribulation. A good short read. I am thankful God led me to an online version!

What The World Is Coming To
OK, so I have NOT read this yet, but it is another book by the same author (Chuck Smith) as the above booklet. I plan to read this.

GREAT post that is a must read to delve into a whole new way of saving!

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Cindy said...

Here's another study/reading topic for you......the rapture. Did you know that the *idea* of the church being raptured out before the tribulation has only been around for less than 200 years? I have always believed that is what will happen until I recently studied it FOR MYSELF and it is very clear to me that we will be here during the tribulation! it's a very good study! Start with Matthew 24.

Something to think about.....God never rescued the Israelites from their "tribulation", he didn't rescue early Christians from death and persecution, so why would the same God who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow rescue us from the coming tribulation? It would be out of character for Him.

Look up "dispensationalism". It is a false doctrine that has not been around long but so many people believe it nowadays just because that is all they hear, including myself until recently! It is very eye-opening when you compare the theory with what the bible actually says! Let scripture interpret scripture, not someone who has a good theory, right?

Enjoy! :)