Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catching Up

It seems that lately I am running around and around, not having any time for much of anything.

Cleaning CLEANING C_L_E_A_N_I_N_G!

Then there is MM. She is having some health issues that we will be seeing the doctor for today. It might be related to JJ's issues. PLEASe pray. I have not dealt with this doctor before and am truly concerned for MM.

I have been keeping up on the girls and their cleaning. I read/heard somewhere that you cannot expect what you do not INspect. So I have been keeping up on their cleaning.

JJ has been INCREDIBLE with helping to clean and keep things clean! Moreso than I remember his sisters being at this age. I think having the example of three sisters and all their doing (plus they like to "teach" JJ to clean) has really been helpful. :)

Schooling has slowed down this week. I plan on taking the weekend to crack down and get some sort of plan! AA has REALLY been enjoying an atlas that we got for Christmas last year. I need to bring down the globe that goes with it so she can SEE where all these places she is reading about are. I also want to start doing Ambleside Oline in order to help me stay focused. And I really want to start using all the freebies I have!! Our homeschool group is doing a lapbooking seminar (where you actually MAKE one, not just hear about it), so I am EXCITED! I have so many FREE lapbook studies that I have not done yet. If there is interest, I will share what I learn. :)

I really need to get back into making menus. I had stopped when I started stockpiling, but now I have SO MUCH STUFF! that I need to go through, see what we have, and make a menu based on that. :)

I have also been learning about reflexology in order tohelp heal my beloved's hernia.

And I need to do gratitude journals for the girls! I have been wanting to do that for some time. I am also thinking of reading The Pineapple Story again.

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