Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No More Thrift Store Items for 12 years and younger

No more clothes. No more toys. Not at any second hand shoppe (unless they try to get around it like one lady commented in a post from Like Merchant Ships in which they put "For Adult Use Only" sign near the toys and get away with it LOL!)

Many etsy stores will have to find something else to sell or stop selling entirely. And many of our favorite cloth diaper making mommy sites will be closing their doors or limiting products.

And what about garage sales or craigslist? Who knows? It is too soon to tell (or understand the new law as it is written).

WHAT am I talking about?

No More Thrift Store Kid Stuff
Shopping For Used Children's CLothes Could Get a Lot Harder

I REALLY liked what Meredith wrote. It is a VERY Proverbs 31 approach to the whole crisis.

I have the solution. It might take a while for it to catch on. It is not a new idea, but it is a long forgotten one by many.

What a WONDERFUL time to use this opportunity to unite and get back to the fellowship that we used to have as a community in the "good ole days!"

Where Mrs. Baker has older daughters who have outgrown their clothing and they get passed on in love to the mother down the street.

Where Mrs. Steele passes toys that have been outgrown to the boys next door.

Where children gather to go fishing or apple picking or get lost in a book rather than wasting away indoors.

Where neighbors gather for dances and parties rather than steeling away indoors and not making friends.

Where children gather together as a family while Dad tells stories or all work on a puzzle together or play a game together.

Where boys whittle wooden whistles and girls bake pies or sew dresses for their dolls.

Where you bring all your used clothing to one spot, as does every one else, and then take what you need.

I have always wanted to learn sewing, this would be a great time to get sewing bees going where the older Titus 2 women come over and give lessons. It is a great way to learn how to sew AND to minister to the older women who are not valued as they should be in today's society.

Even the husbands can have wood-making "bees" where they learn to make toys and share their tools.

This is a time for Christians and neighbors to unite and get to know one another AND each other's needs. To acquire some of those Proverbs 31 qualities we always have wanted to have, but never took the time to learn and practice them:
seeking wool and flax, working willingly with our hands, girding ourself with strength, holding the spindle and distaff, extending our hands to the poor and reaching out to the needy, not being afraid of the snow, clothing our children, rejoicing in the time to come, opening our mouths with wisdom and speaking in kindness, and finally no more eating the bread of idleness!

Just IMAGINE the possibilities! Imagine how many could be reached for the Lord, sharing His name through it all. The lost and downtrodden see our peace, join in the sharing, and in turn, Jesus is shared with them. IMAGINE the example set for our children - sharing their everything and finding new ways to enjoy God's creation and outdoors rather than watching TV or playing video games. IMAGINE the creativity that seems so rare today that used to be so vibrant and alive and growing - it is a gift from the Lord that gets tossed aside because of convenience, a convenience that is soon to be lost.

And this is just the beginning...

To God be the glory.

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