Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Warmest Mittens!!

OK, so I was thumbing through the newest release of Interview Crochet (check your library if you do not have a subscription) and saw the coolest thing I have ever seen.

I had never heard of thrumming, but when I saw Thrummed Mittens (here is the ravelry link), I HAD TO make plans to make them. This is what the pattern says about itself (which is WAY COOL!!!):
Unspun wool is secured to the stitches as they're worked, creating a fleecelike lining on the inside of the mitten and leaving a lovely pattern on the outside. As the mittens are worn, the wool felts, resulting in durable, extremely warm winter outerwear.
Oh I can hardly WAIT to make these!!!

The great thing about Ravelry is you can see what others are doing and SAYING about the pattern! Here is a video that was linked to in the pattern on Ravelry:

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kalurah said...

This is SO cool! I am on ravelry every day and I've NEVER heard of Thrumming!
I HAVE to try it!!! Thanks for the video link. :)