Monday, May 19, 2008

Yadda Yadda Yadda Life and Herbs

OK, so I have come to realize that I was getting WAY too stressed out with all the talk about finances on the blog. I almost felt that I had to do it to keep readership. But then I thought about WHY I am doing this blog. And while I do hope that someone is blessed by what I share, I am sharing mostly for me and my children. That being said, I will share about finances when I learn something about it, but won't be spending hours upon hours doing the research just to be able to share it.

Since looking up and getting my priorities straight again, I have realized that I have so many goals that I want to attain. But I need to remember baby steps and not all at once. Otherwise LIFE gets overwhelming and I focus on self again.

So I shared sometime back about some goals that I have for myself and for my children. One of them is to learn more about herbs. I found a WONDERFUL site out there called Learning Herbs. He has two FREE ecourses with videos that are SO simple to get you started learning about herbs. One is How to use what you get at the Supermarket to help the health of your family. The other course is about a handful of herbs, studied one at a time, that are great to know about for first aid.

He also has a fantastic game called Wildcraft. If you goto the page, there is a video to see how the game is played. A friend of mine (Hello again Jerilyn!) introduced me to it. I love how it is a cooperative game where you work TOGETHER to find the herbs you need to help the person. It is a GREAT and FUN way to learn about herbs! :) There are other places to buy the game, but it sells for the same price everywhere. SO buying it directly from his site gives you a set of wild cards free along with a dandelion book free. I like FREE stuff! :)

He also sells a Herbal Making Kit. I am VERY excited about ordering one (you have to sign up on a waiting list) and plan on using it with homeschooling with the kids. In fact, his wife homeschools and talks about how she home schools with herbs. SO NEAT!

In fact, a friend of mine (same friend above), learned about an herbal remedy for allergies as a result of the course. Lemon Balf Leaf (you want organic of course) is great! I have been using this as a tea for EE with WONDERFUL results. Her allergies are pretty much gone as long as she remembers to drink the tea. And a wonderful side benefit is it helps her with her self-control (she is a bit on the ADHD side at times).

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