Wednesday, May 7, 2008

She Reads!!!

I cannot contain my excitement! I just HAD to share with someone .. ANYONE who would understand and get as excited!

My 8yo dd, AA, was having quiet time. Normally during her quiet time, she looks through books or plays with some toys quietly. Today was totally different.

A book, a BIG over 200 page book was in her hands and I could see her READING it. Not just looking at the pictures, but actually READING it.

You see, I have my degree in education, and it took everything in me not to force teaching reading at an early age. I read a lot of Raymond Moore's stuff (his books are great, and his book Better Late Than Early was a real encouragement). But still, putting it into practice was difficult.

Dr. Moore talks about how the brain is not really ready to be reading at a young age and that is why MOST (not all) children struggle with reading. But if you wait until they are ready (usually age 8-12), that they will learn to read in like three days (especially if you are always reading to them - which we do).

Family was always worried about her not reading yet when she was five years old. Six years, seven years and even beloved is quite concerned. But I really felt the Lord was saying to wait until she was ready. And so we waited.

AA has been reading here and there and mostly little books with LARGE type. The book she is currently reading has a medium type (still bigger than small print that is in most books). What Would Jesus Do? (an adaptation of In His Steps). She is even telling me about what she has read, so I know there is comprehension. WOOHOO! AND SHE IS EXCITED!!!

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Deb Burton said...

Congratulations! I'm a big proponent of Dr. Moore's writings, but I can imagine how difficult it was to "keep the faith" in the face of others questioning your choice of instruction. Good for you, and good for AA!