Friday, May 9, 2008


Garage sale is upon us!! FINALLY!!

I know how difficult it can be to garage sale with children, but what a WONDERFUL time of family fun! Don't leave them in the car! I know that can be difficult (I remember those days of having a 3 yr old, a 1yr old and a newborn on my hip), but in a few years it will be SO WORTH IT!

I went sailing today, and all four kids poured out of the car. AA and EE both kept an eye of JJ while Momma looked around. And because they had been with me and seen me bargain, they ALL got a pretty good deal today! Each of them brought a quarter. AA (8yr) did the best coming away with three books for a quarter. MM (5yr) did second best with two book for 20 cents (she still has 5 cents!). Although I will admit I do need to talk to her about QUALITY as one of the books was very worn. EE got a very nice book. And JJ, well he got a book about bugs for free! Cute kids will get you free stuff!! LOL! Not that I take advantage of that. But it is something that is true.

Then at a homeschooling sale, the mom saw three beautiful girls the perfect size for the pilgrim costumes she had (just happened to have three the perfect sizes for my daughters). She gave them to my girls for free (bonnets and aprons included). WOW!

Not to mention it is a great home school opportunity to teach your children about finances! :) Yes, my mantra is Life is Schooling! :)

I truly enjoy garage saling. It would be so boring doing it by myself. I have such JOY in garage saling with my children. And that is not something that would be happening now if I did not bring them out with me at the garage sales. :) It is just one more way I can include my children in something I do, and tie those heart strings.

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