Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday's Three Things Finance

Three things I learned about finances this past week:

I have learned I LOVE HAVING A BUDGET!! I LOVE how Dave Ramsey puts it - it is telling your money where to go. We have what he calls a "zero budget balance" which means we budget all the way down till we have no money left for each pay period. We are able to put money into our ER fund, towards Brian's ROTH IRA, and we even were able to pay for the family reunion vacation we just took all thanks to a budget!!! :D YEAH!!! :)

I have learned that it is a GOOD THING to OVER BUDGET for vacation. We had originally planned on spending much less, but we had not planned on doing so many extra things. Branson, MO is EXPENSIVE!! WOW!!! We were thankful to have the extra cash to be able to enjoy other activities with the family that we had not planned on.

I have also thought of a GREAT WAY to encourage the children to declutter. My children LOVE to give. LOVE LOVE LOVE to give. And they usually end up giving toys that they are currently playing with, simply because they are the most readily available, and also foremost in the mind. But there are LOTS of toys down in the basement that are just as nice and have already lost their hold on the children. So, every so often, I have them go downstairs and fill up their "giving box." Only nice toys can go in there (nothing with an eye missing, or whatnot). THOSE kind of toys, the ones that are falling apart and not quite up to par of being given away, are put into a box to be brought up to Mommy. Each box brought to me is judged on size and contents, and then up to $2 is offered in exchange. MUCH easier than trying to have a garage sale AND the kids get to learn about handling money. :)

Three links to help you with your finances:

I figured it out! uses thsoe small photo albums for her coupons. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!!!

Money Saving Mom shares her method. This is the method I learned from her friend Carrie. And now I LOVE COUPONING!!!

Coupon Organization for Intermediates from Sparrow's Nest (LOVE her blog!).

Three financial links for articles I have read recently:

Video on How To Do Gourmet Meals from the 99 cent store - you can even combine do some fresh and some 99 cent store. This was AMAZING!!!
HT: Like Merchant Ships

Unfortunately because of JJ's health, I have been doing a LOT of research on that lately and have not had time to do anything on finances. :) PS...If you are GF, please check out the post on GF baking, you will NOT be disappointed. I believe the woman in the videos (and author of the cookbook is a Christian too!). :D

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