Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Homeschooling Days

I really wanted to share some about what we have been doing homeschooling wise with our kids.

Reading time has totally changed now that AA can read. First of all, it has become her hobby! LOL!! My kids have ALWAYS loved books, but now that she can READ them, she loves them even more! :) Would rather read than play with toys. WOW! I must admit that now that she can read, I am TOTALLY rethinking all the books we have. I want to make sure there is nothing in there that will stumble her walk with the Lord.

So we have been taking one book. AA will read it. Then EE will read it (yes, she is READING!!). She will get stuck on a few words, and I will help her with those. Then MM read the book. Mommy reads the book, pointing to each word as I say it, and then when I get to a word she KNOWS (we use repetitive books, so she KNOWS what word it is), then I will stop and she will say the word. She is looking at the word when she says it. She has fun because she thinks she is reading like her big sister.

AA has really just taken to math. Math for us is every day living. Cutting the pizza into the right number of pieces, measuring, adding, subtracting, etc. etc. So the other day AA comes up to beloved and me and says "4 300's is 1200." We were amazed!
YES! Whatever made her think of that? When asked she replied "I was just thinking of the number 300 and what I could do with it." LOL!!!! She amazes me! We are also doing a little bit of Pre-Math It with EE, but not rushing it with her.

Well, I gotta go. It is quiet time and AA just brought in ten books from the basement to read during her quiet time. LOL! READ!!!! YEAH!!! :)

Something else we have been doing is going through the Proverbs Paper Doll. I print out one page every few days. We work on memorizing the verse that comes with each dress! I also use copy work where I get to enter the words, so I have been entering the Bible verse that goes with the dress!!! It is SO MUCH FUN!!! The girls are memorizing verses! AND changing their behavior too. The first verse was Proverbs 11:16. I changed the verses to be the NKJV because that is what we use. So anytime they were not being gracious, I would just remind them of the Bible verse and sure enough, they would thank me for reminding them and change their behavior!! IT IS GREAT! I am excited about getting the second book. They also come in a bundle.

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