Thursday, May 8, 2008


First, I have updated JJ's blog for anyone interested in our continuing saga of dealing with doctors and my son's medical issues. There is a prayer request there too, if you would not mind praying.

NOW, onto the coolest thing right now (I was about to say ever, but then though I say that A LOT, so I am always changing it).

I have one of the most DIFFICULT times staying up on the dishes. Especially with caring for JJ's specific needs. Meal time becomes a focus on food and eating, and cleaning gets put into the background. I usually have a table full of dishes from two or three meals, which get throw into the sink at the end of the night, with both beloved and I too tired to do dishes.

And then there is the wasting of water as I run water to wash the dishes before I put them in the dishwasher. We have one of the new dishwashers, but the food was always sticking unless I washed it first. This was mostly due to the fact that some dishes ended up in the dishwasher for a long period of time before the dishwasher actually running.

So a friend (Hi Jerylin) from a homeschooling group I belong too was telling we how she doesn't wash dishes. After a potluck at her house, she put the dishes in there with stuff still all over them. I must admit, I was a bit shocked! LOL!! She said that with the newer dishwashers, you don't have to prewash. Just run the load. If she is going to wait a long time inbetween running dishes, she runs the rinse cycle.

So for the past two days we have been having each of the girls put their dishes directly in the dishwasher (easy for eveyone, even the smallest child) to reach. At lunch (noon), we run a rinse cycle, which I could tell used much less water than I would have rinsing them myself. In the evening, after dinner, and every last dish, cup, spoon, whatnot is put in the dishwasher, it is run. Dishes are put away in the morning before breakfast and a whole new day begins!! :)

IT IS SO NICE having a clean sink and table in the evening!! AND because all the kids can reach the dishwasher, they are all able to help much better - and without having to rinse their dishes, they are more likely to put them straight into the dishwasher! IT IS SO EXCITING!! :)

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kikiverde said...

It's just DH and I but we do the same thing (after reading about it in the FlyLady's book) and it really does make the day seem a lot less stressful. It's amazing what a clean kitchen sink can do!