Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Sweethearts: A Simple Reminder

I once read somewhere of a woman who had been married over 40 years. She kept a picture of her husband from when they first met by the window in her kitchen. She said that every time she did dishes, she would love that that picture and the flood of emotions and feelings of love came rushing back. It reminded her, that even though times get hard, and the feeling of love might not always be there, that she fell in love with the wonderful man she is now blessed to call husband.

I feel the same way. I had kept every flower Brian had ever given me. When we moved, sadly, I got rid of all but three (the three roses he gave me the day he proposed to me). I also have a necklace that he made me during our first year of dating (1993). I wear it and whenever I feel it or see it in a mirror, it reminds me of the love my husband has for me - even from way back then. And I love being able to tell the people stories about how my now husband made it for me while we were dating. Even just today I got a compliment on it. I glowed as I shared about my husband and our love for each other. Still honeymooners, almost 12 years later. :)

So just a bit of encouragement to find something from those years where you were madly in love with your now husband. Something that you can look at, feel, touch or wear that will remind you that even though sometimes times will get tough, you once (and still do I am sure) loved that man with such a passion that nothing else in the world mattered. I know my marriage is all the much stronger for it.

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Junie Moon said...

I agree completely with your post today. I keep all the roses my husband gives me and use them in various projects. Using whatever it is I create always makes me feel such joy because it means he had a part in it, too. Like you, I also keep a picture of my husband from when I first met him and looking at it reminds me of that new love joy which carries over to today. We are so happy together and I'm tickled that you are happy, too.