Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Knowing Your Children

I was listening to some veteran home school moms - those moms who home schooled their children all the way through high school. One thing they said REALLY hit me hard.

You have to know your children.

And I had to think about it. I really don't KNOW my children. I know some things they like - like their favorite foods, favorite colors, etc. But what about their favorite animal? What about the fun things they like to do? What do THEY think is fun? How do they like to learn? What are their learning styles?

So I decided it was time to make an All About Me Book. I added a few blank pages to find out other things I wanted to know about my children. And also for things they might want to share with me and tell me.

I know that a lot of what they say today will change (probably even within days of writing it). But I will keep the books and study them AND my children to get to REALLY know them.

Some more All About Me books:
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