Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Fun: Odd One Out

My oldest daughter needs to learn ODD and EVEN and the difference between them (there is a computer game she is playing and it will not let her pas until she does this). So I created a game called Odd One Out. It can be played two different ways, and even though it is a homeschol tool, it is great fun for public school kids too.

Version one:
This is great with a group, but you need at LEAST two to play this version. One of the children is "Odd" and the other one is "Even." Everytime you call out an odd number, Odd stands up. Each time you call out an even number, Even stands up. This becomes GREAT fun when the caller starts going really fast. LOL!!

Version two:
This is great for one player. Pick two diffreent activities (like touching your nose with your finger, and clapping your hands really fast). Assign each activity to either ODD or EVEN (in this case we will clap with even numbers and touch our finger to our nose on odd numbers). Start calling out numbers. it is that simnple, yet SO MUCH FUN!!! :)

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