Saturday, July 4, 2009

CTBHHM: Chapter 3

I went upstairs to pout. Things are really tough right now with my husband and his hernia. He is waiting on God to heal him, and He hasn't yet. And this hernia prevents my husband from doing a lot of things a husband would do. He is even unable to pick up his own son, and that pains his heart. And because of that, he tends to be more irritable than usual. It's understandable how when you are not able to do all God has created you to be and do, you get irritable.

So I went upstairs to pout. And being behind on my CTBHHM reading and posting, I thought I would catch up on that. Here are the first words I read:

"A wise woman sets a joyful mood in her home. Through laughter, music, and happy times, she creates a positive attitude in her children. She knows that a light-hearted home relieves her husband of stress."

OUCH! That hit home. I continued to read...

"Joy begins with thankfulness."

"It is amazing how much your mouth controls your soul."

"Thankfulness is HOW you think; joy is the abundance it produces."

She then shares a letter a woman sent her about how she used to demand to be treated like a princess, but now that she serves him, seeking to delight him, he always treats her like a princess.

I thought about all the times that I would sometimes pout in order to get my husband to do something I wanted. All the times that I would secretly wish for my husband to do something for me, and then sadly get frustrated with him when my silent expectations went unmet.

And I thought about all the times where I was just so in love with my beloved. All the times that I would just delight in delighting him. How happy ALL of us were! Proverbs says that sweet words are HEALTH to the bones. I cannot help but wonder if bringing more joy into the home (which I sadly admit has been lacking lately) would not bring health to my husband. It cannot possibly hurt. :D

And those times, those happy times, my husband delighted in me. He loved being with me and he was happy.

I need to....

PRACTICE being thankful.

I need to remember the story Corrie ten Boom told about being thankful for the lice. I need to just shoot up thanksgiving to the Lord throughout the day - for ALL things. Even the mess on the floor (thankful I have children who are healthy enough to make the mess to begin with). The mountain of laundry I have yet to conquer (thankful for the abundance that God has blessed us with - and maybe weed down the cloth and bless some others!). Even my husband's hernia (thankful for the lessons God is teaching us as He draws us closer to Him through it all).

Smile OFTEN.

I need to just remember to smile! Think pleasantly about my children, my husband. Find SOMETHING to smile about. (Think Pollyanna and the glad game.)

Bring joyful music into the home.

This is especially important as I found out this morning when I was playing a happy little tune on the computer and my husband commented how much he liked it. My husband is VERY musical and music is almost a pathway to his soul.

Laugh OFTEN.

My favorite memories are of my beloved and me lying in bed together, side by side, and just LAUGHING so hard that our cheeks hurt. I honestly cannot remember what the conversations were about, or even what was so funny. I just remember staying up til 2 in the morning just laughing. I need to think of ways to bring more laughter into the home. Please share if you have ideas.

Bring HAPPY times to the house.

I want to make a list of things that might bring happy times to the house. Then, plan to do one AT LEAST once a week. Please share if you have ideas.

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Anonymous said...

Paula, I admire your plan.

I have been in sort of a spiritual dry spell for the last few months, and after receiving the Grace to break out of it, am amazed at how the whole house is happier.

Hang in there, friend.