Thursday, July 9, 2009

CHEC - Preparing Daughters For Marriage

Preparing Daughters for Marriage Panel Discussion

Speakers: Stacy and James McDonald, Vicki Lewis and Little Bear Wheeler

How to have your daughter's heart?

*be VERY careful that your instructions are NOT taken as criticism - especially if your daughter has an inclination towards a wounded spirit.

*repent to her when you make a mistake (this goes for boys too).

Most important thing for a daughter to know?

*God loves them

While daughters are waiting...?

*train train train them! They should know how to be a homemaker, clean house, care for children, be nurturing, be gracious,

and boys by the way should know how to be a provider, loyal, faithful, trustworthy and a hard worker

*one day they will be taking over their own home

*serve others - use your skills to serve others - nursing home, meals for widows, caring for children for others

What are some questions to ask suitors?

*James McDonald has a list of 120+ questionnaire he has the man fill out. He is not necessarily looking for right or wrong answers, but wants to know if his daughter is worth it. If the young man is willing to do the questionnaire, then that let's him know that the young man feels his daughter is worth it.

*the goal of courtship or dating should always be marriage

*the guy needs to date the dad first.

How do you protect your daughters heart?

*young men should come to the dad first

*dad's should know it is hard work to protect her heart, and to not be lazy

*mom's - have your daughters share what other men say and do to/with your daughter. A young girl may take the fact that the man sat next to her to mean something more than it actually was. She might also take something he said to mean something that it was not said to mean. When he smiles at you and says "hi" that is not code for "I love you." :D

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