Friday, July 17, 2009

CHEC - Teenage Mutant Teenagers

Teenage Mutant Teenagers
Speaker: Richard "Little Bear" Wheeler

As you can tell, this session was created back in the 80's. But it has been so popular that it continues to be desired and attended. The session was so full they had to close the doors and turn people away. I am sure it has come a long way since the 80's. :D

The word teenager was created by man. It is not found anywhere in the Bible. It did not appear in the dictionary until the 1900's, and at first it was used to define a length of time during the life of a person. It eventually evolved into the word we know it today - a verb.

The Bible talks about 12 being the age of young adult. (S.M. Davis has an AWESOME sermon titled What to Expect From A Twelve Year Old that is a MUST listen for EVERY PARENT!) Even restaurants and theme parks seem to acknowledge that a child is no longer a chid at 12. :D

When Little Bear's son turned 12, he invited 3-4 godly men whom he wanted to be an influence in his son's life. Then they had a sort of initiation. And they told him that he was a man now. And whenever they were gathered together, no matter the subject matter (yes, that includes sex), that he would no longer be told to leave. He would be welcomed into the conversation. Little Bear talked about how this changed his son's life.

SO when is a child an adult? Some will be ready at 11 others not until 13 or 14, depending on their maturity. But 12 is pretty average. Some signs that they are ready....

They are able to reproduce.
They want to be with the adults rather than playing.
They have the ability to understand abstract concepts.

Their voice changes.
They have body odor.
They want to be with adults rather than playing.
They have the ability to understand abstract concepts.
They eat like an adult.

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