Thursday, July 23, 2009

CHEC - Teaching Your Children to Stand Alone

Teaching Your Children to Stand Alone
Speaker: Richard "Little Bear" Wheeler

Make wise choices about what your children are involved in.

Transfer the Bible to your child by using the Bible to set authority.


Who will control your life? God or you?
Even if you are under Christian authority (like instead of public school you are in a Christian school), you are under "Christian control" and it is not God's control.

Slowly wean control so they can be free.
Two CD's to listen to would be _Letting Children Fly the Coop_ and _Letting Children Stand Alone_.

Age of accountability? 20 years Numbers 1:3, 18-45

Teach them how to reason Biblically and how to find answers in the Bible.

Trust them and stand by them.

Train how overcome.
While others are bowing at anything and refusing to stand alone, Shadrach, Meschac and Abendigo refused to bow down and were willing to stand alone.
Teach your children the consequences of wrong stand.

Discern and discriminate.

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