Tuesday, July 7, 2009

CHEC - Who's In Charge Here Anyway?

Who's In Charge Here Anyway? Reclaiming The Ground of God-Ordained Parental Authority

Speaker: Richard "Little Bear" Wheeler

I had never heard Little Bear speak before. In fact, it was only a few weeks before the conference that I learned of who he was and what some of the things he stood for are. I am sad to say that this conference was his last as he is retiring from speaking to pastor a church full time. I am so blessed that I was able to hear him speak. He is truly a man after God's own heart. He is so passionate about everything he shares, about God's people and wanting God's best for them.

He started out by saying that if you have bought anything of his from his early years to throw it out because it is garbage. He can't believe some of the things he used to say and teach. God has grown him so much since then.

Romans 13 - Authority is ordained by God. Authority can be powerful - for good or for evil.

Satan wants to rule. He wants authority. He questioned authority.

Be careful where you place your children. What and who are they listening to? Eyes and ears affect the whole body. They are pathways to the soul.

Read the book _Turmoil in the Toy Box_.

If you are going to watch movies, watch through the DVD player Clearplay. Talk to them about the movie. He was watching a movie that came after _The Robe_ and there was an immoral woman in it. He pointed out the immoral woman to his son warning him about her and to stay away from women like that. The world is full of them.

He talked about how when he would talk to 2nd and 3rd graders years ago he would ask them if they ever heard a bad word in school. All of them eagerly raised their hand in agreement and laughed. Heard a girl use a swear word? Again they all raised their hands laughing "oh yeah!" Little Bear's heart was broken at this for when he was growing up it was unheard of for girls to use a swear word. Then he asked how many of them, when playing a game and made a mistake or got hurt would, not meaning to but it just slipped out, would say a swear word. The children ashamedly raised their hands, only to look around and see that they were not alone. A lot of others had their hands raised too.

Be careful what you let your children hear. Into the ears and into the heart. Out of the heart, the mouth speaks. We are to be in the world not of the world. Protect them from the evil one.

If you are authoritative in your parenting style, you will produce bad fruit and lose the child. Parent Biblically and you will yield good fruit.

How I wish I could have afford anything from their booth! LOL!! Mantle Ministries. But I had only so much cash (always bring CASH to a homeschool conference because it will limit how much your spend) and a list of things I needed for homeschooling. BUT I did take note and am saving up to get some of their stuff hopefully for Christmas!

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