Monday, July 6, 2009

CHEC - Why Homeschooling Will Change The World

General Session (everyone gathers and hears these before going to sessions that they can choose from)

Why Homeschooling Will Change The World

Speaker: Kevin Swanson

I had never heard Kevin Swanson talk before, but a good friend of mine attends his church, so I was anxious to hear him speak. What he had to share was awesome and inspiring.

PLEASE understand that these are notes that I took during his presentation and are MY interpretation of what he said (I may have added some personal notes for self too and expounded on what he said). ALL in italics is what I am think about before and after the session, but some of the notes I took may also be personal interpretation.

Did you know that when our country was first founded all school were under the authority of the church. It was that way in England too. Then Martin Luther posted his 95 thesis across churches across the country. That allowed people to form their own churches. And with that, came the authority to form your own school.

As for America's history, it was the same way. In 1844 a petition was made to the Supreme Court for a Pennsylvania school to be secular and separate from the church. The Supreme Court ruled: 1) The United States is Christian. 2) Pennsylvania is Christian. 3) Both the Old and New Testament should be read in school daily. HOW FAR we have come from then!

Proverbs 1:7 says the FEAR of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge (although my version says wisdom, but I liked the application he made). We cannot have true knowledge unless God is present in everything. God created all things, so whatever we are teaching, be it math, science, history - God HAS to not only be acknowledged but praised for it.

Duet 6:7 tells us to teach the word in our house. We have been given the authority to teach our children. Why would we give that authority to someone else? We are to teach God's word in the bosom of relationship. Our relationship with our precious children.

He spoke of taxes and a gift or inheritance exemption. We all know that when we die, there is a death tax and most everything we own is taxed to death before our children will inherit it. There is some sort of gift or inheritance exemption where you can give so much money ($5000??) to a child (per year?) and it is not taxed. He is giving his retirement to his kids now, that when they get married, they will start off debt free. AND when he dies, his children will have pretty much gotten everything anyway so there will be nothing to goto the government. He read a verse from Matthew chapter 15 to his children, which somewhere in there it talk about how the children should care for their aged parents as their parents had cared for them when they were younger. Knowing that because he has blessed his children and raised them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord, that they would take care of him and his wife in their old age.

That is DEFINITELY something to look into. Especially the tax law. I know that when my grandmother was dying, she had taken everything and spilt it between the children. It did make things MUCH easier.

It is especially important for fathers to take a role in homeschooling. There needs to be a loving and nurturing relationship between the father and the child. This is the first example a child has of what their heavenly Father is like. A child should not have to feel second place to anything in their father's life.

Homeschools are the monasteries of the dark age. Why should we have to defend our decision to homeschool? Why are we made to be against the norm? What we are doing is normal. We should be going to others and asking them why they aren't homeschooling.

America needs to fear God and repent of their sins. In Adam's Fall, we sinned all.

I bought _UPGRADE_ and _The Second Mayflower_ (there were coupons at the conference to get these for a cheaper price than he is selling them for now). I also got both his studies on the Psalms. These are AWESOME! You can hear Kevin Swanson through

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