Friday, July 10, 2009

CHEC - WARNING! Public Schools Are Not For Christians

WARNING! Public Schools Are Not For Christians

Speaker: Richard "Little Bear" Wheeler

This was AWESOME! Because everyone in there was already homeschooling, Little Bear changed the talk a little bit. The insight was AMAZING!

The problem with public school is that the parents are not involved so they don't know what is going on in the lives of their children and what evil is being slipped in.

Who's authority do we want our children to be under? Who is to be the authority in their life? The teacher? The TV? No, PARENTS are!

Public school is not just not Christian, it is aggressively anti-Christian. (He then gave examples of some things that are happening in schools today.) When he was going to school, in December, you got a Christmas Holiday (this was the time off from school - Christ Celebration of a Holy Day). Then it became Christmas Break. Now it is Winter Break. Christ has been totally removed from it. The winter programs are very new ageish, including chanting and sitting in groups according to astrological signs.

Most people use the excuse of "well I (you) went to public school, and you turned out OK." But how much BETTER we would have been if we had not gone to public school!

The Bible says the fool says in his heart that there is no God. And the public school system says there is no God. So when you send your kids to public school, you are sending them to be educated by fools!

In the old cowboy movies, you see a shoot out. One man always says "I'm going for it, cover me!" Then he would go for it and his partner would stand up and pow pow pow pow pow! He would shoot and protect... cover the man who went for it. When you send your child to public school, they are not covered.

The most important thing you can give your child is a love of God.

Don't get stressed out - turn their hearts to the Lord.

We need to teach our children to be self-governing Christians. Teach them to goto the Bible to govern themselves.

Read the book of Acts. Study the book of Acts. The last church will be like the first church.

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