Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blankets for the preemie triplets

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My half-sister, who has tried for years to have a baby, got pregnant with triplets. Almost certainly means preemies. Little did I realize just how preemie. 27 weeks. The biggest baby was only 2 pounds. Each one smaller than the previous one. Thankfully I was almost done with the blankets. I finished them up and got them out fast.

I used what is called a THERMAL STITCH. BOY were these blankets WARM (which from my understanding is very necessary and needed). My other sister who had hers early too (only 5 weeks early), but he was taken by emergency c-section and ended up in the NICU fighting for his life - anyways she told me how important it was for the blankets to be warm. Her son was usually covered in several blankets - even after she got them home. She also mentioned to make them colorful. EVERYTHING in the NICU is WHITE WHITE WHITE. So I hope she is able to use these in the hospital to bring some color into her life and the life of her precious ones.

If you feel led, please pray for her and her babies (and her husband). Those babies are fighting for their lives right now. Thank you,


Tabby said...

I'm praying! :)

Rebecca said...

That is a wonderful gesture Paula~ and they look great. My husband was born at just two pounds (preemie twins) and he is a thriving, healthy adult now. I pray it is so for her TRIPLE blessings as well!