Friday, September 14, 2007

MMP - Tea Party: Let Them Eat Cake!

I have had such a BLAST with this series! I hope it blesses you. I know that it has blessed me and helped remind me of some things **I** had forgotten! :) Be sure to scroll down to enter my giveaway from Tuesday!

(Pic of MM - 4yr at our tea. Kale is a wonderful garnish to use to serve salads and beans on - it is so curly, vibrant green and more hearty than lettuce.)

Food prep is another wonderful area to allow the children to participate. Look through tea books from the library and allow the girls to pick out what they would like to have. Keep in mind your theme (or lack of it for simplicity) and remind them of it. Here are some examples from the extravagant and fun to the simple and elegant:

All fans of Anne of Green Gables will remember the infamous Raspberry Cordial! I had always thought "I need to find a recipe for fun it would be!" Well look no further! Recipes for SEVERAL different types of cordial! TOO FUN!!! This would be GREAT with/for the Avonlea Tea Party!!!

When we think of tea, we usually think of pretty pink roses and white everywhere, but what about a lovely fall tea?!?! I just love this! Those girls in warm clothing, the fallen leaves all around! And recipes too! Check it out! :) And check out this wonderful cabin woods tea!!

And I just LOVED this idea of a Sweet Tea. Look at those desserts and those colors! Desserts are really an easy thing for little girls to make. Especially the no bake ones! You can find LOTS of no bake recipes for desserts on the web.

One of the fellow Make Mine Pink Teas had a LOVELY afternoon tea with FRUIT! Check out how beautiful! I love the simple mug o' flowers! TOO CUTE! And what a wonderful idea to serve FRUIT! So many times we try to make things complicated by making mini-this and small that. Give your kids a melon baller and let them go at it! (And for fun, you can cut up a watermelon into a swan or a basket - this is especially great for older girls to try.) This is also the PERFECT theme for those unexpected guests you want to have to tea! Fruit is so easy --- especially strawberries! Why not make up some raw chocolate dip? 1/2 cup raw carob powder to 3/4 cup honey or raw agave nectar and stir. Fill small cups with a small amount of dip for each place setting. This is yummier than you think!

And probably the best and most important tea you can have. This sums it up perfectly!

And I am so thankful I found the Tea Party Girl who teaches you the art and beauty of the afternoon tea. Make sure you have some time (and a cup of tea!) to enjoy this in-depth blog!

And thanks to A Scrapbook of Inspiration for two WONDERFUL links:
Tea Parties For Children (previous link broken, click here for the archive)and Royal Tea Parties For Young Ladies.

And one more on Polite Table Behavior.

And as a favor to all who have joined in the blogsphere on the week of teas (either by hosting or by visiting), The wonderful ladies at What If...? have created a beautiful bookmark for everyone. (Edited note: the link for the bookmark is no longer working)

Thanks SO MUCH to Make Mine Pink for hosting this lovely week of teas!


Rebecca said...

Another fabulous photo!

Your girls look to have had SUCH a wonderful time!!! (And you sound as if you did too!)

What fun! I love that you REALLY got into it-hats and all!

truth said...

Tea Parties are so much fun. My kids are older, but I have 4 girls and 1 boy and we had plenty of tea parties. I hope to do the same with my grandchildren.

GardenGoose said...

the tea parties have all been lots of fun to visit. and you have shared some lovely ideas here as well. I hope that you'll visit my blog from time to time. was so nice to visit everyone this week.
have a lovely weekend.