Monday, June 12, 2006

The Right Perspective

SO we are trying really hard to clean up and get the house ready to sell (more on that later), and I want to make sure that all the games and puzzles have all their pieces. I had asked my oldest to put together one of the puzzles and she did and left it out on the table so that as we found pieces we would be able to see that it went with that puzzle.

My 3yr old woke up from her nap and came downstairs while we were cleaning. She proudly handed the puzzle box to me with the puzzle all cleaned up! LOL!

Now, the old me would have said "Oh sweetie! We needed that puzzle out, why did you clean it up?!" But how that would have wounded her spirit! Instead, I said "Oh sweetie, what a great job cleaning up and I didn't even have to ask you to! HIGH FIVE!" (high five's are our way of saying "great job.") She got the biggest grin. And I know that I am encouraging her to clean up.

I read today on one of my new favorite blogs about habits. I love what Lori said about how little "chores" can become habits (like putting things away when we are done with them, wiping the kitchen counter after dinner, etc.). I highly encourage you to read her blog and the links from her page. WELL worth it!

And I encourage you (as the Lord has been growing me and showing me lately) to get a good perspective on things. Remember to look at the positive in the situation! You might just be encouraging a lifelong habit (like seeing something that needs cleaning up and cleaning it up instead of just stepping over it!). LOL!

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