Saturday, June 10, 2006

Digital Scrapbooking

As most of you prolly already know, I am an avid digital scrapbooker! I used to do the paper style, but it was SO EXPENSIVE! And because I did not have a lot of money to spend on stickers and ribbons and paper (OH MY!), my layouts just did not look good.

But with DIGITAL scrapbooking, not only are there TONS of freebies out there, but the kits are really cheap (only $3.99 for papers and ribbons and elements and such). Then you get to REUSE THE KIT! You don't have to worry about buying stickers only for one sticker and having the clutter of keeping all those other stickers just because you paid for them.

You also don't have to worry about leaving everything out because you are in the middle of a layout. You don't have to worry about the kids messing with your papers or worse SCISSORS!

My digital layouts look 100 times better than my paper ever did. Mostly because I have not had to spend a lot of money to make it look that way. And what is great (besides saving a TON of money) is that when it comes to my daughters moving out and wanting some of the pages from my scrapbook, I can just print them out their own copy! So each child can have their own book, with their own pictures AND if a picture has all of them in it, I can print out a copy for each child to put in their own book. My girls LOVE looking through my scrapbook! For Christmas, I am giving each child their own scrapbook with their own pictures! I will print out more layouts for them as I make them and if it gets torn up, NO WORRIES! I can always print out another copy!!

I recently came across this GREAT free link for podcasts on how to digiscrap!

Out of all the places out there that you can subscribe to that are free (as a place to post your layouts, learn about how to make layouts, and get lots of freebies), I must admit that Digital Scrapbook Place is my favorite. WHY? First of all, I notice that there are a LOT of Christians there. They have a faithbook challenge and you can find a LOT of layouts with scripture in them. Secondly, they are all so nice and friendly. VERY quick to respond with an answer and encouragement. Not only that, but they have a TON of FREE tutorials to get you started. They have a "Step-It-Up" gallery where you can post your layout and ask for help on how to make it look better.

Your gallery is free, AND you can set up a PRIVATE album (for FREE), and you can create other albums (for FREE). So much free stuff here it is not even funny! LOL!!

If you join DSP, please do let them know lvg4him referred you. And PLEASE LET ME KNOW your username. Post it here for others to see. The neat thing about DSP is you have your OWN LINK to your gallery. It is your . So be sure to share your LINK to your gallery!! So my gallery is:

You can see it and the updates by clicking on the PICTURES link on the right hand side of my blog.

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