Wednesday, June 7, 2006

What a GREAT idea!

So my daughter has been so enjoying the books that I have been making her. But she discovered something a while back that I forgot to share until I was remembered of it watching a video my husband made for me of a recent homeschool speech.

My daughter had taken a realyl cheap photo album (like the ones you can find at Goodwill for $1). It held 20 4x6 photos. She created a picture and put one in each slot. Then she told a story with the pictures! She had made her own picture book.

The speaker (Judith Allee) suggested that you write on one page what they dictate to you. And to not only have a cover, but an "About the Author" page. What a NEAT idea! She would give the created books to Grandparents as gifts. What a great idea!! And what a fun way to see the children and how the grow (with each About the Author page.

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