Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Space is Dark

We had received free tickets to the Museum so Saturday we were off! It was about an hours drive to get there, and we had no idea the parking would be so horrid! But thankfully, God provided a parking space (and in the shade too!!!). We exchanged our vouchers for tickets and walked into the first exhibit - space. There was a simulation of Mars going on (woman in space suit and everything). We sat down and heard her talk for about 2 minutes when the power went out in the entire building!

The space suit was cool because you could see the little lights coming from the space suit to light up wherever she looked. We sat there and just waited for about 5 minutes until we were told to leave the area.

Then we waited in the hall with hundreds of others for about 10 minutes. Then we were told to evacuate the building. That took about 30 minutes (even though we were only 2 minutes from the door). While trying to get out the fire alarms went off. People did start moving a little faster, but not much. So we finally get outside, and 7 fire trucks arrive! WOW!

So they are telling everyone to come back a different day - get your tickets stamped and don't even bother waiting around because who knows when the power will be back on. So we get into our car and have to wait 20 minutes before someone FINALLY lets us out. Rather than waiting in that line, we head the oppostie direction and get out of the parking lot in only 5 minutes (compared to who knows how long it would have taken had we gone the direction everyone else was).

So we goto McDonald's (they have Pirates of The Carribean toys and I just HAD to get my Johnny Depp doll!!) and while there my husband asks the girls what they learned today. He expected an answer having to do with fire trucks or something. EE (4yr) replied "Space is dark." Yep. Space is dark honey.

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