Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What Is In A Kiss?

I just cannot stop kissing the baby. The girls can't stop kissing him either.

But each time I kiss him, I can tell he has no idea what a kiss is or the meaning behind it. There is no smile (like he is starting to smile back at us when we smile at him). There is no recognition in his eyes that he feels loved.

And yet I know (from the fact that my girls LOVE to kiss him and to kiss me and Daddy), that by kissing him now, he will come to know the love behind it.

And that is not to say that I have stopped kissing them now that they are older. My 6yr may not get quite as many kisses as she did when she was a baby, but she gets a plethora of them for sure!!

I am not quite sure why a kiss shows so much love. I am just glad it does because I love kissing my children!!

Also, my dear freind Brenda has broken her foot. She has 8 children and cannot "stay off it for three weeks" as the doctors have told her to. Please take a visit over to her blog and say a prayer for her. THANKS!

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