Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Forgot!

It amazes me how often my kids "forget" a rule. Everytime I catch them doing something or being somewhere they are not supposed to, I hear the whiny "BUT I FORGOT!"

I recently started being consistant with consequences for actions. Even the little ones that I used to let go or think it was no big deal. How many times I have ____ God's word by thinking "it is no big deal if I do this, it is just a small thing." There are no "little" things to God. His world is full of laws. Black and white. And each time I break one, no matter how small (that little white lie I told to make someone feel better) quenchs the Spirit just a little bit more and more. And because there seems to be no immediate consequences, it becomes easier and easier to "forget" those laws.

So now each and every break of the "laws" that hubby and I have set up (like remembering to close the screen door when going in or outside) have a consequence. Leave the door open, and you must stay inside. I just told them this, and they have come in and out sevreal times, and AMAZING! They remembered to close the screen door!

I cannot wait to apply this to other areas of discipline.

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