Friday, June 2, 2006

Spelling Bee Musings and Homeschool finds!

So, who else never thought that a spelling bee could be so addictive?!?! I tuned in and could not stop watching!! I got so nervous. And then when the network did NOT put up the spelling (so I could make sure that they were spelling it correctly) I got so upset! LOL!! And that sweet girl who spelling the word correctly, was told she spelt it wrong, and then got a second chance because the judges realized that they had the word spelling incorrectly on their sheet? AMAZING!

But I must admit, I was really hoping that sweet little girl from Canada would win. She was ALWAYS SMILING! Did you notice that? The girl who won - I never saw her smile until she won. I know it was most likely nerves, but I liked the fact that even while nervous, the little Canadian girl kept smiling.

So today they had a HUGE used curriculum sale at a local church. (Can you believe I got Pre-Math-It, Math-It, Math-It Advanced, Winston Grammer, Winstom Grammer Advanced) all for $65!! What a blessing!! The lady (and her husband) were so sweet (and so generous)!! I will be going through all my finds and writting up reviews (for those who are interested).

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