Sunday, June 18, 2006

You Can't Go Wrong...

There are very few people who I trust when they recommend a book to me. Most of the time, the book is fluff (or "milk") in order to have a wider reading audience and not to offend anyone. I like books that are meaty and really challenge me in my walk with the Lord.

Enter OreoSouza.

Her latest recommendation is a book I have thought about ordering for my husband (we just had our first son). I have ordered other books she has recommended and have not been steered wrong since! Be sure to look through past entries in her blog for other book recommendations.

And while I have not seen any book recommendations on Brenda's blog, she too is one that I highly trust. I am so thankful to live close enough to be able to borrow a few of them, but most of them I am just gonna HAVE to buy so I have my own copy!

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