Monday, June 19, 2006

Holding On

What is your first instinct when you are scared? Mine is to usually run away and hide. Maybe that is because I have a knowledge of good and evil (Adam and Eve hid too, remember?).

I was looking at my son just now. Something really scared him and the first thing he did was reach out his arms and HOLD ONTO me. TIGHT! He is only one month old, and yet his first reaction is to hold on. I wonder when we lose that.

My other children (6yr, 4yr and 3yr) all run and hide now. Maybe they learned that from me.

But I started thinking. When I am scared, I try to run away. Maybe I should try holding on. Holding onto Jesus. And holding on tight.

And I wonder if in some sense we always try to hold onto something when we are scared. It worries me that if I don't train my children to hold onto Jesus now, that when they get older and reach out to hold onto somehting when they are scared, they might just grab a hold of the wrong thing. Evil is always seeking a way to pull us away from Him. Just some thoughts.

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