Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's True...

I know that sometimes, as a mom we can... let us say embellish the things our children do. We always look for the BEST in our children, and sometimes that is the only thing we share about them. :) We don't want to share the negative things our children have done/do because we feel that will make us look like a bad mother.

BUT oh how I love to hear about the faults in other children and mothers. I know that sounds strange, but I do. Especially in mothers whom I highly value and look up to. It brings me PEACE to know they have struggles too. To know that I am not alone in my struggle to raise up godly children. And usually when they share their struggles, they share how they overcame. THERE IS HOPE!

I know that sometimes, the way I share on here, it might seem like I have perfect children. I don't. They have their moments of being true sisters (not the fake Hallmark kind, but the "stop touching me, Mom she's breathing on me" kind). :D And then they have their moments of being TRUE sisters (the kind that show Christ's love toward each other, the kind the Bible talks about when it talks about brotherly love).

I will admit I have no idea HOW they have those later moments. For it is by NOTHING I have done, but all by the grace of God. All I do is try, every day in every thing, to point them to Him.

As I am writing this, AA is encouraging her younger sisters to clean "great job MM! Now why don't you pick up every thing in front of your seat at the table so we can eat breakfast!" followed by MM giggling and saying "Yes Ma'am, I will!" EE is walking toward me with her glowing smile and blowing me kiss (carrying trash from off the floor to the trash can).

However, before I started writing this, there was a totally different story. Without going into details, there was yelling and screaming and that was just me. LOL!!! I won't go into details about what the girls were doing, but they were having one of those former moments I talked about above.

Yes, there IS hope.

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