Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Love in Black and White - A GREAT Father's Day Idea

Love In Black and White
by Christa Simpson

Last Year I thought of a great surprise for my husband for Father's Day. I took my husband, our two children Katelyn age 5, and Myles age 2 down to the beach, we live in Norfolk, Virginia and so there's beaches everywhere.

I got some black and white film and just told my husband I wanted to take some pictures of him and the kids on the beach, and didn't tell him why. We found an area where there was a sail boat pulled up onto the beach and used that as a backdrop in most of the pictures.

I got some pictures like my kids leaning in to kiss their Daddy on his cheeks, My husband sitting with his legs open and Katelyn sitting in between his legs and then my son Myles sitting in between her legs, my husband laying down on the beach with both kids on top of his back.

I put 4 pictures inside a really nice heavy duty frame and enlarged the pictures so there's on picture in each corner of the picture and then in the middle I found a poem about a dad and put that there and on each side in between the two pictures I had the kids sign it and write I love you daddy.

My notes:

One of the nice things about the age of digital scrapbooking is you can find TONS of scrapbooked pages with/about Daddies. Just do a google search for digital scrapbook (or even just SCRAPBOOK) and Daddy and see what comes up. I also search for Father in addition to Daddy because you tend to get some more elegant layouts that way (instead of just the fun kind of layout). When you create your own after someone's layout it is called "scraplifting" and you need to be sure if you post it online to give credit (including a link if possible) to the layout you lifted. If you are not able to post the link on the site you are posting, be sure to keep the link because you may get emails asking to see the original. :)

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Lisa said...

That is a wonderful idea! I have a B&W setting on my digital camera, so I may just do this. Thanks for sharing. :o)