Monday, June 11, 2007

I Met Someone FAMOUS!

Ok, so it might not be a big deal to YOU, but it was HUGE for me!! I was at a conference recently and came up to a table with books. I had asked about a book, and the guy said "Well I wrote this ...." And I looked down at the name tag. CLAY CLARKSON!!! I was so surprised!! I said "OH WOW! You ... YOU are CLAY CLARKSON!" And then some lady started laughing (must have been my reaction), and I looked at her name tag. SALLY CLARKSON! "And you... YOU ARE SALLY CLARKSON!" WOWOWOWOW!!!!

I so wish I had had time to talk to them, but I really needed to go, and I was out of money (so I could not buy any products, but was curious about this new book they had). It really made my day to actually met them! I have just started reading their stuff and REALLY like it! I am currently reading Educating The WholeHearted Child. WONDERFUL!!!! :) SO in line with what we are wanting to do. You can learn more about their ministry on their web page WholeHeart Online. And maybe if YOU are lucky, YOU can meet them too!!! :D

(Note: There is another Whole Heart Ministries out there that is NOT the same thing.)

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deanna said...

Oh I have met them! I went to the Whole Hearted Mother conference in January! It was there in the Springs at the Broadmoore (we stayed somewhere else). They are so great! And so are the kids! I read Educationg the WholeHearted child and her book the Mission of Motherhood. Wonderful! Congrats!