Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Sweethearts: Messenger

I LOVE playing messenger with my beloved. Mostly because the giggles we hear from the kids!

Brian will be in one part of the house, and I will be in another with all the kids. Then I will tell one of the children to go upstairs and give Daddy a message. It is usually something very funny, but still expressing my love and appreciation for him (see list of ideas below). He will then send them back with a message for me. This will go back and forth until one of us says something REALLY good or until it is time to end (like ok, tell Daddy dinner is ready).

The one thing to be careful of is to make sure each child is able to participate. Even my 2 year old son whose vocabulary is a very small few words says "me too!" and wants to bring a message to Daddy, and runs off to Daddy giggling all the way (although usually he goes up with the message and never comes back down! LOL!!

Some examples of things we say:

"Tell Daddy he is my prince!"
"Tell Daddy that I think he is hubba hubba!"
"Tell Daddy Momma needs some kissin!"

Some things my really creative and smart husband says back:

"You're so hot you make me melt!"
"Daddy hurts all over, can you kiss him and make it better?"
"You are a light-bulb and I am your switch and I know how to turn you on!" (that one made me blush and I sent the kids back with the message "Tell Daddy YOU WIIN!" :D )

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Cindy said...

Those are so great! We do that sometimes too. I'll have to borrow a couple of those. :) I think it is great for kids to see true love modeled properly! Good job! :)