Thursday, April 23, 2009

Obedience Lapbook

This week our character trait is OBEDIENCE! :D

How To Make An Obedience Lapbook
A WONDERFUL example that you can make your OWN lapbook ANY WAY YOU WANT! You don't need templates or fancy put togethers.

However, that being said, there is a nice advantage to having the templates and then your children just cut and fill in and paste. :D

Hands Of A Child - Biblical Obedience Lapbook and Study
You can't go wrong with Hands Of A Child! This is a 40 page in depth study with 13 hands on activities that is a GREAT study to do with your kids!

And of course there are the free resources like the first one I shared. But this one has templates for you. Character Lapbook - be sure to scroll down to obedience. There are also some GREAT general templates at the top of the page that can be converted to do the same stuff mentioned at the beginning of this post. You can do it yourself or modify already made templates.

We did a combination of the first and the last. We also found the character journal entry on obedience to be helpful. And I just found this site with character notes and it has some GREAT stuff - even a game to play!

So what is up with the picture? It represents God's protection when we are under His ordained authority. So of course God is first, then the husband (or dad in this case), then the wife (maybe the hw stands for housewife?? LOL! I will have to ask EE about that one?!?!), then the children (all four of them are there, do you see 'em all??). This comes from a Bill Gothard seminar, but I was unable to find a picture online to show you. I did find something else, which I also like, which talks about not stepping out from under God's protection. A good read. :)

We are taking a bit more time with this lapbook because it is a bit more in-depth. The girls are having a blast and learning and I am learning a lot too!

Oh and I almost forgot. SONGS! My children learn well through songs (ESPECIALLY EE!). There is a great hymn called Trust and Obey. (You can find other hymns about trusting and obeying here.) Not to mention the song from No Greater Joy - Their song for E is Ephesians 6:1!! My children LOVE that CD!

I hope this helps you create a WONDERFUL lapbook on Obedience!

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