Monday, April 20, 2009

Current Web Readings

Homemaking As Art
BEAUTIFUL and encouraging post!

Webster's 1828 Dictionary
WHY should you use the 1828 dictionary over a more current version? Why do we? Read on.

101 Spring Things To Do
Enjoying nature during spring. :D

Quiet Time Bins
What a GREAT idea!! LOVE this! Although having four kids, I think instead of doing daily bins, I will number them 1-5. Then assign each child a number. You will start off with that number, and then every day you do the following number. When you get to five, go to one and start over. :D

20 Tips For Finding Your Routine With Kids
THIS IS GREAT stuff!!!

Brunch on a Budget
LOVELY post and a GREAT reminder on entertaining at any time. Oh how I wish I lived near Meredith!

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