Monday, April 13, 2009

Current Web Readings

Finger Puppets
The name of this blog is DOLLAR STORE CRAFTS - need I say ANYMORE?? :D

Front Porch
When it comes to tight finances and food, what do you sacrifice? This is a GREAT and very timely article that is a must read.

Homemade Snack Food
I am thinking of trying my own jerky this year for JJ (and the girls too). And good NON-soy recipes?? :D

Living Frugal Life With Children
GREAT ideas! Most I knew (and currently do). And don't forget about the Green Project - a great way to keep busy enjoying God's creation! :D

Creation Club
LOVING this blog!!!!!!! And especially this part about The Creation Club! GREAT for all the nature stuff we will be doing this year (thanks to some AWESOME gifts we got from Aunt Katie!)

House Guidelines
The Duggar's Household Guidelines

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