Thursday, April 9, 2009

Passover Lapbook and Resources

Yes, last minute AGAIN. I have been collecting these for the past two days. I hope you enjoy them!

Passover Lapbook
Links to various activities you can use in your lapbook as well as pictures.

Passover Lapbook Resources

A Passover Lapbook
An example. WAY cute!

Lent Season
GREAT collection of links!

Passover Printables for Homeschooling
GREAT printables!

Passover Fun and Games

Hands of a Child Passover Lapbook
This is not a free resource, but for those short on time (or just like everything all put together or a very extensive study).

Exodus: Plagues
REALLY great stuff for younger children AND older ones! GReat even for adults who want to learn more! :D

Good stuff for the plagues.

More great stuff for the Passover

Passover Coloring Pages

Kaboose Does Passover
GREAT site.

Pesach Paper Dolls

Passover Resources

Passover 10 Plagues Activity

(And an interesting article: Passover, Yeast and Fungus?)

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