Monday, April 27, 2009

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Character First!
This looks like a GREAT character curriculum!! There is a free sample too!

Creation Club
OH how WONDERFUL this sounds! I so wish that we had one of those around here! I wish I knew enough to START one! :D But at least we will be doing a LOT more nature stuff this year!

Princess Lapbook - this is about being GOD'S princess. LOVE this!! :D

Daily Literature And Bible Study
LOVE this idea! I would love tips for how to do something like this without creating judgmental children. I know that in the past, we would point out and talk about bad character traits in books and movies, sadly to have my children start pointing it out and talking out loud about it in real life. Then I talked about discretion, but all that did was DISCOURAGE them from talking out loud, and in fact, encouraged my oldest to start reprimanding her sisters for even talking out loud about Jesus. I would LOVE tips about this!! THANKS!! :D

AA does not like to write but she LOVES to tells stories! I have finally gotten her to enjoy writing by writing STORIES! :D Currently she is writing and illustrating a book about the best pirate adventure ever. :D

Here are some GREAT ideas to encourage writing:
Picture Prompts For Writing
Having recently discovered this blog, I am in love! LOL!! And this post is no exception. What a wonderfully CREATIVE way to (inexpensively) encourage the child to write!

Princess Lapbook - Correspondence
While I have NOT done this yet, I plan too. And I am so thankful for being BLESSED to have received a hand written note from Lady Lydia! The handwriting is beautiful and elegant. So much so, that we kept the letter JUST to look at the beautiful letter! That really impacted my daughter. And when I mentioned one of the reasons we have her do copywork is to practice writing so she too can write as elegant and beautiful... she does her copywork with no fights now! :D I bet this lapbook will help too. :D

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