Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today we watched the movie SPELLBOUND. It is a documentary showing 8 kids and their journey to the National Spelling Bee. It was actually VERY good. And it was a total inspiration to my daughter (AA) to keep up with her spelling. She even wants to do "little mini spelling bees at the end of each spelling lesson." My daughter FINALLY has a desire to learn to spell, so we are going for it. We are using AVKO and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It teaches her AND leaves her wanting more. When you can find a program that leaves them wanting more, to me, that is a good thing!

(If you are going to use AVKO, I HIGHLY suggest watching the You Tube videos to see how he does it. It was helpful to me.)

We rented the DVD from the library, so you should check your library for SPELLBOUND. It was worth it for the encouragement it gave my daughter. Not to mention it shows a homeschooler at the spelling bee! "Three things I will tell people to help them. 1 - Trust in Jesus. Trust and believe in Jesus. 2 - Honor your parents. 3 - Hard work." While he did not win the spelling bee the year the documentary was made, he did go on to win the National Spelling Bee (at least once, possibly more, I will have to look).

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